Javier Lopetegui Eli Guezuraga Elena Meabe Esteban Pablos Antonio Sempere
We have the determination of beingbetter every day because we areproactive and enthusiastic and we aremoved by the passion for what we do
Javier Lopetegui
Likuid Manager
We try to take care of the details andcreate long-term relationshipswith our collaborators
Eli Guezuraga
Our knowledge about the processesallows us to develop filtrationsystems that can beperfectly adapted to every need
Elena Meabe
Process Engineer
The technical support andcustomer service is essential. We arehonest and close and we offer our best service to get out the bestof each installation
Ana Puelles
Te chnical Engineer
The reliability of laboratory testsand experimental studies is important for guaranteeing good results
Esteban Pablos
Laboratory Technician
We go together with our customersduring the whole process, we share the technology with themand we give them the necessarysupport and training
Antonio Sempere
Iberia Area Manager


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