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The INTEGROIL pilot plant is in operation in the downstream scenario.

Once finalized the demonstration period in the upstream scenario and having demonstrated the feasibility of INTEGROIL solution in terms of process operation, the INTEGROIL pilot plant was transported to Turkey in August 2018, where it has been commissioned in the downstream demonstration scenario set at the premises of TUPRAS Izmit Refinery.

The fully automatized 1.5 m3/h pilot plant is conceived as a plug&play solution which together with the DSS system, make it easy to be transported, installed and operated. By the end of the project, foreseen in May 31st 2019, it will have been tested and optimized for about 15 months in two different real scenarios.


The aim of the European INTEGROIL project, coordinated by ACCIONA Agua, is to develop a new integrated solution for the treatment of industrial wastewater of complex composition, with the final goal of fostering its reuse. For that purpose, a modular pilot plant comprising several technologies and controlled by an innovative decision support system has been constructed. The individual prototypes installed are dissolved air flotation (Acciona Agua), ceramic ultrafiltration (Likuid), catalytic wet air oxidation (Aplicat), advanced oxidation (URV) and reverse osmosis (Acciona Agua), which have been designed and constructed by each project partner and assembled in maritime containers. Implementation of special chemicals for the applications under study is also envisaged by BWA and REP.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon H2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 688989.

The INTEGROIL pilot plant is in operation in the downstream scenario.